Dr Evelyn Arizpe, Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow
Prof Shirley Brice Heath, King's College London
Julia Eccleshare, The Guardian's Children's Books Editor
Dr Maureen Farrell, Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow
Nikki Gamble, Director of Just Imagine Story Centre, UK
Prue Goodwin, Independent Consultant on Literacy Education and Children’s Books
Prof Peter Hunt, Emeritus Professor
Prof Maria Nikolajeva, Professor of Education, University of Cambridge
Prof Kim Reynolds, Professor of Children's Literature, University of Newcastle
Dr Vivienne Smith, University of Strathclyde
Prof Morag Styles, Professor of Children’s Poetry, University of Cambridge
Dr Sylvia Warnecke, The Open University
Prof Jean Webb, Director of the International Centre for Research in Children's
Literature, Literacy and Creativity, University of Worcester

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